Mayday! May Day!

“Mayday” is used by aviators and mariners (and often firefighters and police) to signal a life threatening emergency.  “May Day” is a holiday generally May 1st celebrating the arrival of Spring.  This year there is not really much to celebrate as COVID-19 continues to severely limit our lives and our birding activities.  Today is May 1, 2020.  If all had gone according to plan, this would be the day for final packing and planning before flying off to El Paso, Texas tomorrow with Bruce LaBar.  We would then be heading to Big Bend National Park in pursuit of a Colima Warbler – an ABA Lifer for both of us and a species found only in that park and after a long hike.  Well, maybe next year…  At least my health is good so no need send out a mayday message for medical care, so this will be the other kind of May Day post – a celebration of Spring even if vicariously.

Colima Warbler – Big Bend Texas – Photo by Greg Lavaty

Colima Warbler

I don’t recall any specific planning to be out birding on May 1st in any previous year, but since the month of May is perhaps the best month for birding throughout the U.S. including in my home state of Washington, I expected a review of my birding observations would come up with many trips on that day.  Since my birding is primarily by memory or fantasy at this time, I went back through recent history and put together a May Day list of species seen.  All are from May 1st trips since 2011 when I first started using Ebird.  They are from 8 of the 9 years and cover trips in 4 states: Massachusetts, Connecticut. Florida and Washington.  Altogether the species total is 165.  No real rarities but a nice selection of birds.  I have selected a Dynamic Dozen photos to represent the list and then include the full species list at the end.

Bachman’s Sparrow – Florida – May 1st, 2017

Bachman's Sparrow5

Baltimore Oriole – Connecticut – May 1, 2019

Baltimore Oriole1

Black and White Warbler – Connecticut – May 1, 2019

Black and White Warbler1

Canada Jay – Washington – May 1st, 2015

Canada Jay

Florida Scrub Jay – May 1st, 2017

Florida Scrub-jay

Limpkin – Florida -May 1st, 2017


Louisiana Waterthrush – Connecticut – May 1, 2019

Louisiana Waterthrush-1a - Copy

Red Cockaded Woodpecker – Florida – May 1st, 2017

Red Cockaded Woodpeckers 5

Snail Kite – Florida – May 1st, 2017

Snail Kite Flight4

Swallow Tailed Kite – Florida – May 1st, 2017

Swallow Tailed Kite

Tufted Titmouse – Massachusetts – May 1st, 2018

Tufted Titmouse

White Headed Woodpecker – Washington, May 1st, 2011

White Headed Woodpecker


The Full List

American Coot Cliff Swallow Little Blue Heron Rose-breasted Grosbeak
American Crow Common Gallinule Loggerhead Shrike Ruby-crowned Kinglet
American Goldfinch Common Goldeneye Long-eared Owl Ruby-throated Hummingbird
American Kestrel Common Grackle Louisiana Waterthrush Rufous Hummingbird
American Redstart Common Ground Dove MacGillivray’s Warbler Sage Thrasher
American Robin Common Loon Mallard Sandhill Crane
American Wigeon Common Merganser Marsh Wren Savannah Sparrow
Anna’s Hummingbird Common Nighthawk Mountain Bluebird Short-tailed Hawk
Bachman’s Sparrow Common Raven Mountain Chickadee Snail Kite
Bald Eagle Common Yellowthroat Mourning Dove Snowy Egret
Baltimore Oriole Dark-eyed Junco Northern Bobwhite Song Sparrow
Band-tailed Pigeon Double-crested Cormorant Northern Cardinal Spotted Towhee
Barn Swallow Downy Woodpecker Northern Flicker Steller’s Jay
Belted Kingfisher Dunlin (pacifica/arcticola) Northern Harrier Swainson’s Hawk
Bewick’s Wren Eastern Bluebird Northern Mockingbird Swallow-tailed Kite
Black Vulture Eastern Meadowlark Northern Parula Swamp Sparrow
Black-and-white Warbler Eastern Phoebe Northern Rough-winged Swallow Townsend’s Warbler
Black-billed Magpie Eastern Towhee Northern Shoveler Tree Swallow
Black-capped Chickadee Eurasian Collared-Dove Northern Waterthrush Tufted Titmouse
Black-necked Stilt European Starling Orange-crowned Warbler Turkey Vulture
Black-throated Gray Warbler Fish Crow Osprey Vesper Sparrow
Black-throated Green Warbler Florida Scrub-Jay Ovenbird Violet-green Swallow
Blue Jay Gadwall Pacific Wren Virginia Rail
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Golden-crowned Sparrow Pacific-slope Flycatcher Warbling Vireo
Blue-headed Vireo Gray Catbird Palm Warbler Western Bluebird
Blue-winged Teal Great Blue Heron Pied-billed Grebe Western Kingbird
Boat-tailed Grackle Great Crested Flycatcher Pigeon Guillemot Western Meadowlark
Brewer’s Blackbird Great Egret Pine Siskin White Ibis
Broad-winged Hawk Great Horned Owl Pine Warbler White-breasted Nuthatch
Brown Creeper Greater Yellowlegs Prairie Falcon White-crowned Sparrow
Brown-headed Cowbird Green-winged Teal Purple Finch White-eyed Vireo
Brown-headed Nuthatch Hairy Woodpecker Purple Finch White-headed Woodpecker
Bufflehead Hermit Thrush Red Bellied WP White-throated Sparrow
Bushtit Horned Grebe Red Cockaded WP Wild Turkey
California Quail House Finch Red-breasted Merganser Wilson’s Warbler
Canada Goose House Sparrow Red-breasted Nuthatch Wood Duck
Canada Jay House Wren Red-breasted Sapsucker Yellow Warbler
Carolina Wren Killdeer Red-shouldered Hawk Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Caspian Tern Least Flycatcher Red-tailed Hawk Yellow-rumped Warbler
Cattle Egret Least Sandpiper Red-winged Blackbird
Chipping Sparrow Lewis’s Woodpecker Ring-necked Duck
Cinnamon Teal Limpkin Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)

As written earlier, birding now is mostly by memory and fantasy.  The photos and lists above are from those memories of earlier May Days.  Now for some fantasy.  Proving I have way too much free time, I looked through some Ebird reports from the 1st of May throughout the ABA area and came up with a dream list of birds that have been seen on that day and that I would love dearly to see as all would be ABA Lifers.  Here is a top 10.

Colima Warbler – Texas; Yellow Green Vireo – Texas; Buff Collared Nightjar – Arizona;  Ruddy Ground Dove – Arizona; Black Noddy Tern – Florida; Bahama Mockingbird – Florida; Murphy’s Petrel – California; Mottled Petrel – Washington; Black Faced Grassquit – Florida; and Black Tailed Godwit – Newfoundland

12 species seen but they would be ABA Life Photos (all reported on May 1st somewhere):  Common Black Hawk; Golden Winged Warbler; Eastern Whippoorwill;      Chuckwill’s Widow; Cerulean Warbler; Henslow’s Sparrow; King Rail; Black Rail; Groove Billed Ani; Smooth Billed Ani; Sprague’s Pipit and Mourning Warbler.

Yes, quite a fantasy list.  I would settle for any one of them — and it doesn’t even have to be on May 1st!!  And of course what I really most want is that male Smew – but did not see one on the Ebird ABA reports for May 1st in the past 10 years.  I’ll take one any day at all.






2 thoughts on “Mayday! May Day!

  1. Great post with fabulous pics I suspect we won’t be back to normal till we get a vaccine but at least we can bird socially responsibly during this time. Without birding so much of our mental and physical wellness would be affected so thank God for it

    My nome trip got cancelled too so it really sucks and I know how you feel about Texas. I still need Colima warbler as well. All for the greater good right…

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