Thrush Dreams

As I was writing up my previous post on the successful Fieldfare chase, I had ‘thrushes” on my mind recalling some new observations or photos the past year or so.  Feeling very full of myself, I listed all of these great birds and found I had decent photos of them.  Then I made the mistake of asking the question, “I wonder what thrushes I have not seen?”  Yikes – there are a lot of thrushes that are included on the AOU/ABA list and a lot I have not seen.  Granted the ones I have not seen are very rare for sure, but that was the case for the Fieldfare too – so why not dream.  There are far more species than I was aware of.

Below are photos of the thrushes I have been fortunate to have seen in the ABA area – followed by photos of ones I have not – but hope to someday (most are highly unlikely).

15 Thrushes I Have Seen in the ABA Area

Rufous Backed Robin – California

Rufous Backed Robin 2

Fieldfare – British Columbia


Redwing – British Columbia


American Robin – Washington

American Robin with Worms

Eastern Bluebird – Indiana

Eastern Bluebird 4

Western Bluebird – Washington

Western Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird – Washington

Mountain Bluebird1

Townsend’s Solitaire – Washington

Townsend's Solitaire

Swainson’s Thrush – Washington

Swainson's Thrush1

Wood Thrush – North Carolina

Wood Thrush

Veery – Washington


Clay Colored Thrush – Texas

Clay Colored Thrush1

Hermit Thrush – Washington

Hermit Thrush1

Varied Thrush – Washington

Varied Thrush

Gray Cheeked Thrush – Alaska

Gray Cheeked Thrush 3

I have also seen and photographed Northern Wheatear and Red Flanked Bluetail which used to be grouped with the thrushes but are now Old World Flycatchers.

12 Thrushes I Have Not Seen in the ABA Area – Yet (Photos not mine)

Bicknell’s Thrush                                                Aztec Thrush

bicknell's thrush - Copy  Aztec Thrush

Eurasian Blackbird                                       Eyebrowed Thrush

Eurasian Blackbird  Eyebrowed Thrush

Dusky Thrush                                                Mistle Thrush

Dusky Thrush    Mistle Thrush

Brown Backed Solitaire                               Orange Billed Nightingale Thrush

brown backed solitaire - Copy  orange-billed-nightingale-thrush

Black-headed Nightingale Thrush            Red-legged Thrush

Black Headed Nightingale Thrush - Copy  Red Legged Thrush

White Throated Thrush                                        Song Thrush

White Throated Thrush  Song Thrush

One thought on “Thrush Dreams

  1. Awesome Blair i really love your shots i think the most elegant thrush you have photographed is the Fieldfare. I think the best one you have not photographed is the Dusky Thrush we had one here in BC but I missed it.


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