Midwest Wrap Up

Travel Route



Day 1 Fly to St. Louis
Day 2 Bird Missouri
Day 3 Bird Illinois; Travel to Kentucky
Day 4 Travel to Tennessee; Bird Tennessee
Day 5 Travel to Kentucky
Day 6 Bird Kentucky
Day 7 Travel to Indiana
Day 8 Bird Indiana
Day 9 Fly to Seattle



Missouri 65 species
Illinois 58 species
Tennessee 57 species
Kentucky 57 species
Indiana 68 species
Cumulative for Trip 124 species
ABA Lifers Philadelphia Vireo and Eurasian Tree Sparrow
ABA Life Photos Same
Cumulative for 50/50/50 602 species
ABA Life Total 727 Species
ABA Photo Total 692 species
Seen in all 5 states 23 species
Seen in 4 states 15 species
Waterfowl 7 species
Gallinaceous 3 species
Shorebirds 8 species
Gulls and Terns 6 species
Raptors (incl, Vultures) 12 species
Woodpeckers 7 species
Flycatchers 3 species
Vireos 5 species
Wrens 3 species
Sparrows 6 species
Icterids 5 species
Warblers 16 species

Commentary and Reflection:

  • Great companions – Pat Lueders, Carol Besse, James Wheat, Amy Hodson and Mark Welter
  • 1100 miles traveled by car
  • Special places – Forest Park, Cave Hill Cemetery (Graves of Muhammad Ali, Col. Harland Sanders and grandson of Jim Beam) Mammoth Cave, Jim Beam Distillery, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, St. Louis Gateway Arch
  • Monarch Butterfly Migration
  • Very different geography/topography – rolling hills and flat, big rivers, more deciduous than coniferous forests
  • Very modern and seemingly strong downtowns – St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville and Indianapolis – lots of old and beautiful residential areas with architecture different than Northwest – but evident poverty as well in some areas.
  • Ethnic mix compared to Seattle/Northwest seemed less Hispanic and Asian and more African American
  • Corn and soybeans were dominant crops
  • Definitely hotter and more humid than October in Seattle – but birding was blessed with no rain and very little wind
  • Very different politics – radio talk shows were very “red”
  • Very nice, helpful and engaging people everywhere
  • 17 States completed with 50 species in a single day.





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